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Pro-Democracy, Anti-Coup Marches Across Egypt Protest High Prices, Gaza Raids
Pro-Democracy, Anti-Coup Marches Across Egypt Protest High Prices, Gaza Raids
As new waves of protests flood Egypt's cities, towns and streets, murderous military gangs kill unarmed demonstrators in cold blood.
Friday, July 11,2014 20:28
Rallies in support of democratic legitimacy swept through Cairo and all other governorates of Egypt, in the new "Commanders crush the poor" protest week called by the Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance.

Despite the violent, murderous maximum-force approach applied in cold-blooded brutality by the coup's security forces, especially today (Friday), demonstrations flooded the streets, denouncing the high price rises and the Zionist raids on the Gaza Strip.

On Friday afternoon, the National Alliance in Ain-Shams and Matareya (east of Cairo) announced the death of two people shot dead by coup security forces using live bullets against unarmed non-violent demonstrators.

Coup forces killed Aweys Nasreddin, 69, outside his home, as he returned from Friday prayers. He was the father of the Martyr Nasr Aweys, himself killed earlier on – in the Battle of the Camel - in the January 25, 2011 Revolution. Also, today, coup forces shot dead an 18 year-old student called Mazen Mohamed Sayed.
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