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Muslim Brotherhood's Qutb Al-Arabi Condemns Heinous Sinai Bombings
Muslim Brotherhood's Qutb Al-Arabi Condemns Heinous Sinai Bombings
Journalist and Muslim Brotherhood Leader Qutb Al-Arabi condemns the latest bombing incident in the Sinai, and places responsibility on the ruling military junta regime.
Friday, January 30,2015 16:49
Egyptian journalist Qutb Al-Arabi, former Assistant Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for the Press and leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood, strongly denounced the Sinai bombing incident, describing it as a horrid crime.

On his Facebook page, Al-Arabi said: "The horrid bombing incident in the Sinai, which has killed tens of officers and soldiers, is totally unacceptable, unjustifiable. We pray for God's blessings, peace and mercy for the martyrs, patience and courage for their families.

"However, the incident very clearly illustrates the coup regime's failure and defeat in facing up to armed groups."

Al-Arabi stressed that the incident is proof that the ruling junta regime is a threat to Egypt's national security, adding: "This incident and previous similar incidents confirm that the duty of the time – for all patriotic Egyptians – is to oust the coup regime, which is a real threat to the national security of this homeland and the people".
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