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Egypt Rights NGO: 10 Unarmed Citizens Killed by Interior Ministry Forces in Two Days
Egypt Rights NGO: 10 Unarmed Citizens Killed by Interior Ministry Forces in Two Days
Thursday, May 11,2017 13:09
Official statements about exchange of fire between wanted men and security forces, and conflicting accounts reported are a recurring scenario in many Egyptian governorates. This usually begins with arbitrary detention with no legal basis, and enforced disappearance for varying periods sometimes years long. The main approach is extrajudicial cold-blooded execution. That is the policy adopted by the junta regimes' security apparatuses in dealing with political opponents or citizens wanted for security reasons.

On Saturday, May 6 (2017), the Egyptian Coordinating Committee of Rights and Freedoms (ECRF) documented two cases of extrajudicial killing of unarmed citizens: Mohamed Abdel-Sattar Ghaith, 44, teacher – allegedly in an exchange of fire – despite his arrest and detention since April 9 from his workplace; and Abdullah Ragab, architect – also allegedly in an exchange of fire – despite his arrest and detention a week ago.

In a statement, ECRF said Egyptian security forces killed 8 other people outside the law, only a couple of hours after the horrific assassination of the two youths: Abdullah Ragab and Mohamed Ghaith. The junta regime's Interior Ministry (IM) announced the killing of eight wanted men in Tanta and Sohag, under the same pretext of exchange of fire with "terrorist" elements.

The IM reported that the eight include:

1. Ibrahim Gamal Al-Ghazali, 24 years old, Menoufia Province

2. Mohamed Medhat Nasser, Menoufia Province

3. Helmi Saad Mehareb, Beheira Province

4. Abdel-Rahman El-Sayed El-Wakil, Qaliubiya Province

5. Mahmoud Ali Hussein, Sharqeya Province

6. Mohamed Ali Hussein, Sharqeya Province

7. Bassam Adel Adam, Sinai Province

ECRF pointed that the policy of junta forces killing Egyptian citizens ostensibly wanted for security reasons shows total contempt for people's right to life. Worse still, some citizens are subjected to torture to death. Some are left to die slowly due to medical neglect. Others are shot dead immediately after arrest. The fate of thousands of Egyptians allegedly wanted for "security reasons" is execution without due process, at any time, without any opportunity to enjoy their basic rights, foremost of which is the right to life.

In its "2016 Siege" report, ECRF documented many cases where security apparatuses subjected citizens to enforced disappearance, then reported them "killed in an exchange of fire" during the arrest of the victim. Invariably, evidence proves the victims had been arrested and detained before getting murdered. At least 54 cases of such cold-blooded execution without due process were thoroughly documented.

ECRF asserts that the crimes committed by security apparatuses in Egypt, including crimes of arbitrary arrest, enforced disappearance and extrajudicial killings, are in fact crimes against humanity, and do not fall under the statute of limitations.
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