• Lebanon
  • July 30, 2006
  • 4 minutes read

“Amma, Amma”

I’m not the type of man who cries easily but after watching that little kid calling for his “amma, amma” (mother, mother) (9 Minutes into this BBC News report) I just cried. Can you see the mother begging for her son, begging the German army officer to turn the boat around so she can get her child?!! How can the Jewish Community allow this to happen in their name? I read stories of this in my GCSE History class, when the Nazis did it to the Jewish Community. But, now I see it before my eyes, the tactics used by the Nazis now used by the Zionists. I call it ZioNazism!! 

I’m seriously having trouble expressing myself here.

Is this what a extremist Zionists celebrated over the weekend, with the backing of Jonathan Sacks? For little kids to be separated by their mothers? If you remember correctly weren’t the Nazis separating children from their mothers? Isn’t this what this Zionist State of Israel is doing? They say never again, well let me say one thing, my brown foot never again. This time it’s happening in your name, and believe me one day a day will come when peace, tranquillity, equality, freedom, peace, justice will reign over the Middle East, just like it did with the Nazis.

The event was “Yes to Peace, No to Terror”, let’s hear you condemn the deliberate targeting of Red Cross paramedic’s who go about saving a human life, be it a Jew’s, a Christian’s or an atheist’s. Let’s hear you condemn the deliberate attacking on civilians who were bombed while trying to escape for this war machine. You want peace: start first complying with International Law which forbids you to attack civilians; not to wipe off towns, cities and families and above all not to turn the Lebanon population “back 20 years” with your extermination methods.

Wallahi, I will lead a campaign against my Labour MP who has so far delayed his response to my emails!!

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