“ANHRI” supports 6th April strike

“ANHRI” supports 6th April strike

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) declares its support to the coming 6th of April Strike for which many pro democracy political forces and movements called. On top of these movements the 6th of April movement, they called for the strike to protest against the continuation of governmental oppression, and the absence of any signs that may indicate a governmental intention to respect the desire of Egyptian citizens to minimize this oppression. The strikers will also protest against the spread of corruption and the absence of any bases for good democratic governance in Egypt.

The network”s support comes as a part of its vision to itself as part of the pro democracy movement in Egypt. It also comes as a support strike which is a legal and fair right should not be violated by any government, and must be a tool in the hands of the citizen to help expressing their opinion.

Meanwhile, the legal aid unit in the network declares that all its members will be alert and ready for any legal help might be needed in case of any violations or assaults by the police forces against strikers.

As part of the network”s support some members of its team will actually participate in the strike staying at home on the 6th of April.

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