“Break The Siege” Campaign Participants Besieged

“Break The Siege” Campaign Participants Besieged

“Break The Siege” Campaign Participants Besieged


By:  Mona Hussein Wahba Mustafa



Mixed feelings overcame participants in the Popular Campaign to Break the Siege On the Palestinian People Monday, October 6.  They were happy as they came closer to the Palestinian People while disappointed at security forces” behavior which provoked the fear of citizens whether through security checks or prevention from crossing the borders.


Security forces had closed the Gamal Abd El-Nasser metro station as it was the outlet to the station which led to the Press Syndicate, the campaign”s launching point.  Similarly, the streets surrounding it were also completely closed and passengers were prevented from crossing them.


This led the press conference on the campaign launch to be moved to the front of Al-Ahram building which was soon surrounded by security forces, an act which led to participants” deep disappointment.


Participants shared these moments of solidarity and being encircled with Ikhwan Online.


Mona Ahmed said that she denied any feelings of sadness, stressing that she rather possessed feelings of anger which strengthened her determination and insistence.  “I will not escape. That feeling bothers and peeves me,” she said denouncing others” feelings as they say, “Come on, let”s get away,” when they are faced with the security. Mona added:  “Nothing will become of us except that which Allah has willed.  A balcony could fall over our heads as we walk under it, if Allah wills, so why escape?!”


Suddenly, Mona approached the security van which had besieged a group of 50 people including journalists, parliament members, citizens, including Judge Al-Khodeiry, and three other women.  One of the women was holding her child, who screamed out of fright.  Mona approached the van as if she were breaking into a security fort and yelled, “Look at what the security is doing!,” waving with her other hand to the cars passing by and drawing people”s attention.  This drove the security to negotiate with her to keep quiet in return for the people besieged.  She shut her mouth and said menacingly, “O.k., here I am, quiet.  Let”s see when you”ll leave them.”


For Hoda Mahmoud, this was infinite oppression and subjugation. “What oppression could be more than being prevented from moving around in your own country?!,” she questioned adding,  “We are surrounded by all sides and can”t move.  We can”t even reach our hungry brothers and sisters nor do anything to help them.” 


As for Basma Magdi, she sees that “The government has done everything and I expect anything from it.  There is no way any change will happen except through a revolution of anger.  They are the ones who brought us to this level.”


Sumayyah, another participant, criticized the weak participation saying, “We are far more less than we should be.  Where are the 80 million?  Is this our brothers” rights on us?”


Coming a long way to participate in the campaign for breaking the siege on the Palestinian people to find that she will be participating in a campaign to break the siege on more than 130 Egyptians detained Monday, Nihad Sobhy commented that such an act was expected.  “We thought we were in a big prison, but we discovered another prison or another lie, which is our country that is supposed to grant freedom not only to its people but also to its neighbors and brothers in the Arab and Islamic countries.” 


Shaimaa Gamal El-Din added, “The terrorism caused by security forces yesterday reminded us of the October 6 War.  The difference is that the war in 1973 was between Egypt and Israel, but on its commemoration day, today, security forces are resisting the Egyptians instead of the enemy.”


Shaimaa added that she was happy with the campaign”s success proven by the actions of the security forces and thier wide coverage in the media.