“Hope” convoy members: Egyptian authorities hinder the arrival of aid to Gaza

“Hope” convoy members: Egyptian authorities hinder the arrival of aid to Gaza

Dozens of participants in the European “Hope” convoy expressed their outrage at the Egyptian authorities for preventing them from leaving the hotel they stay in and not facilitating the arrival of the convoy to the besieged Gaza Strip.

Greek participant Nicholas Kraxtin told Quds Press news agency on Tuesday that the Egyptian authorities refused to allow the ship carrying the aid convoy to unload its cargo at the port of Alexandria and conditioned that the ship should dock at Port Said harbor. 

He added that because of the ship’s prior commitments, the convoy organizers sought to hire another vessel, but the Egyptian authorities imposed new conditions.

The convoy was supposed to head from Port Said harbor on Tuesday towards the Rafah border crossing after the participants had already left Cairo for Port Said city, but the Egyptian authorities delay the arrival of the convoy through the conditions they come up with every time.

In another context, the UAE committee for charitable works in Gaza received on Monday 13 ambulances and refrigerator trucks for transporting blood and medicines in addition to a range of medical equipment and supplies that had arrived through the Rafah crossing for distribution to Gaza hospitals.

Imad Al-Haddad, the director of the committee’s office in Gaza, said that the committee in the UAE through its offices in Britain and Australia donated this medical aid to Gaza hospitals and would distribute it in coordination with the health ministry in the Strip.

Haddad noted that this aid comes within a charitable campaign to support Gaza established under the directives of UAE president Sheikh Khalifa Al-Nahyan.

In the context of international efforts to support Gaza, the Irish friendship society for the relief of Palestinian children handed out cash assistance to a group of orphans sponsored by the assembly of charitable institutions in Khan Younis.

The aid was distributed on Tuesday during a meeting attended by Dr. Saber Al-Safati and his Irish wife, director of Al-Rahma charity Mohamed Al-Masri and a representative from the government committee for the reception of delegations.