“Keyboards” Protest At Hunting Bloggers

“Keyboards” Protest At Hunting Bloggers

Dozens of human rights activists and bloggers staged a demonstration Sunday in front of the Press Syndicate protesting at the continuous detentions and chases against fellow bloggers.
The demonstrating bloggers considered the exercises committed against them as a barbaric aggression against freedom of speech and though, insisting that these exercise won”t intimidate them during their struggle against “dictatorship and tyranny”; the demonstrators, who were raising keyboards, stressed that will continue exposing corruption and the regime”s violations against bloggers, the latest of which was arresting blogger Abdul Moneim Mahmoud, the correspondent of Al-Hewar Tv channel and administrator of weblog, http://ana-ikhwan.blogspot.com/.
The bloggers recalled their important role in exposing torture crimes in police stations, demanding the Egyptian people to show solidarity with them under the slogan “Freedom for Abdul Moneim Mahmoud”, pointing that they are about to escalate their campaign against random detentions and transferring civilians to military tribunals.
It is worth mentioning that the State Security Police in Cairo Airport detained Abdul Moneim Mahmoud on Sunday morning at 1.00AM, two days after hunting him and raiding his house to arrest him without any arrest warrant.
Abd Al-Moneim was at the Cairo Airport to start a seven-Arab-country tour to preparation a documentary around ” the file of freedoms in the Arab world”, and was taken out of the plane before its take-off by policemen and was handed over to the State Security Police office in the airport .
A statement in his weblog said:” Mamdouh Ismail who drowned a thousand Egyptians fled the country unobstructed while a young man who calls for freedom is kidnapped form the plane, although he has been always a freedom preached and has been always defending the dignity of his country”.
For his part, Mohamed Adel, the organizer of the vigil protesting at arresting Abdul Moneim and administrator of http://43arb.info/meit/, said that Egyptian bloggers will face continuous threats and will always face security dangers.
Adel pointed out that Abd Al-Moneim is not the first and will not be the last blogger because there are many cases filed against some bloggers to close some websites and weblogs that expose the systematic torture cases in Egypt.