“The brothers” will Boycott?

“The brothers” will Boycott?

What do you do when you know you will be loosing the next elections? Boycott.. The So called Muslim brotherhood began their whining way before the election is due. The usual “We are targeted by the government” is the best cord they can play. Not long ago when the prisoners in Israel were released the IAF and the “Muslim brotherhood” called this move an act of treason and that those prisoners shouldn”t be released, but not long after the release they began using those four freed prisoners for their political campaigns.

Zaki bani-rahseed was in Damascus earlier this week for a meeting with khlaed meshael which by chance was at the same time when Ahmadi Najad was there meeting with “partners”!! In this article the writer talks about the controversial leadership for the IAF, he says that zaki bani-rahseed did great harm to the front and must step off; Zaki Bani-reahseed used to work as an accountant for hamas when they were in Jordan, and most likely he still gets his orders from Damascus; which is weird knowing that the Syrian regime MASS MURDERED the Muslim brotherhood before!!

In this article by ziad abu ghneimeh who Publicly declares that his heart is with hamas, talks about a meeting he had with some journalists and MPs, he didn”t specify who were they and to what party they belong! In the meeting he says that he heard the word “crush..crush…crush” the Islamists in the next elections and based on that he suggests a boycott because they are targeted!

Now, if he was talking to a first grader I would believe him, but excuse me!Do you really believe what is coming out of your mouth? The first step you take when you write an article like this -which I assume is targeting you base- is to explain to us naive readers what are the backgrounds of those people taking part in this “meeting” and what are their resources..

At the end of his “article” Mr.Ziad says that the Islamists will sweep the elections if it “was” fair-note that he is talking in the past tense even though the elections are not held yet- he is sure that there is a conspiracy to “crush” them in the next elections.. Now, my question: Based on what did you decide Mr.ziad that you are the majority? The polls say that you have less than 10% support in the street, but your “polls” which I think the results are delivered to you in the form of a vision suggests that you are the winners!

Weird stuff!!