‘Free for Syria Organization’ Issues Its First Statement on the Situation in Syria

‘Free for Syria Organization’ Issues Its First Statement on the Situation in Syria

The Syrian people are being massacred every day amid a media blackout and lack of action from the international community. The situation in Syria started with a request for legal rights and calling for justice in the case of detained children. This rightful request was responded to with live ammunition that killed tens of people from the families of the detained children.  The regime used live ammunition to attack the people who were at the funeral. The revolution began by the people who knew that this oppressive regime would not stop killing innocent children, men, women and the elderly.

The list below shows the names of those who contributed to the killing of innocents and these people should face international criminal courts and be brought to justice.

Police officers who ordered shooting at the people:

Bashar al-Assad’s Chief of Army and President of Syria.

Dean Maher Assad, commander of a brigade in the fourth year, is the de facto leader of Grand Four.

Major General Mohammad Nassif Kheir Bek, Assistant Vice President and Special Security Adviser to Bashar al-Assad.

General Asef Shawkat, Deputy Chief of Staff for Security Affairs.

Commander Brigadier General Hafez Makhlouf, Head of Counterterrorism Section and the Department of the Bridge of the White Branch 251 (internal section) in the management of state security.

Major General Ali Mamlouk, Director of State Security.

Major General Abdul-Fattah Qudseyyah, Head of Military Intelligence.

Major General Mohammed Dib Zayton, President of Political Security Branch.

Major General Mohammed Samur, former Interior Minister.

Major General Mohammed el-Shaar, current Interior Minister.

Brigadier General Jamil Hassan, Director of Air Intelligence.

Major General Zuhair el-Hamd, Deputy Director of State Security.

Major General Nazeeh Hassoun, Deputy Director of State Security in charge of operations in the coastal zone.

Major General Jumah Al-Ahmad, Commander of Special Forces (special units).

Jamil Badr Hassan, Commander of the Air Defense Department, who led the storming of Moadamieh.

Major General Rustom Ghazali, head of Damascus and countryside Branch and Division of Military Security.

Major General Ali Younes, Vice Chairman of the Military Intelligence Division (Vice General Abdel-Fattah Qudseya).

General Tawfiq Younis, Department of State Security branch 251.

Brigadier General Atef Naguib, President of the Political Security branch in the province of Dara.

Brigadier Thaer Al-Muammar, head of Raids and Patrols in the State Security Department, who led a raid on Doma city.

Brigadier Nasser al-Ali, head of the Political Security Branch in Dara.

Brigadier General Iyad Mahmoud, Brigadier Commander in the Republican Guard.

Brigadier General Alaa Saud, Republican Guard.

Brigadier Manaf Tlass, Brigade Commander of the 105th Republican Guard. He participated in the siege Al-Abasin yard and killed demonstrators.

Brigadier Ghassan Bilal, Head of Security in the Fourth Grade. He supervised the torture and interrogation of the protestors.

Brigadier Nabih Rabea, of the Republican Guard. He participated in besieging neighborhoods in Damascus.

Brigadier Nasser Deeb, President of the Political Security branch in Hama. He is a nephew of General Shafiq Fayyad Deeb.

General Mounir Jalud, Chief of Military Security in Homs.

Brigadier General Mohammad Makhlouf, Chairman of the State Security Branch of Homs.

Brigadier General Jamea Jamea, Head of the Security Branch of the military in the province of Deir al-Zour. He participated in killing and suppressing demonstrators.

Brigadier Burhan Qaddour, Military Interrogation Branch in the Division of Military Intelligence and former head of Military Security.

Brigadier Mohammad Khallouf, Chief of Palestine Branch who participated in the repression of demonstrators in Damascus.

Brigadier General Adnan Ahmed, head of the Military Intelligence Branch.

Brigadier Khader al-Hussein, head of the State Security Branch.

Brigadier General Taha Taha, head of the Political Security Branch.

Brigadier Mohammad Akram, President of the State Security Branch in Halab.

Brigadier General Abdul Latif Fahad, head of the Military Security Branch in Halab.

General Mounir Jalud,  Chief of Military Intelligence.

Brigadier Suhail Dawud of Air Intelligence. He is a Christian from the villages of Damascus.

Dean is Thul Hemma Shailesh, Head of the Presidential Security Motorcade and has helped finance Al-Shabiha in Lattakia and Damascus.

Colonel Khalil Mulla, Chairman of the Political Security Branch in Halab.

Colonel Malek El-Hadi, Vice-Chairman of the Political Security Patrols Branch in Damascus  and is currently in Lattakia.

Colonel Tammam El-Deeb, 53 Special Forces online in Lattakia. He supervised the killing of demonstrators in Latakia. A battalion commander and Al-Shabiha joined him in Lattakia.

Colonel Ali Salim, Battalion Commander of the storm, 53 Special Forces. He supervised the storming of the city and killed demonstrators in the Jabalah area.

Colonel Tamim Isa al-Ahmed, Special Forces 53. He participated in the killing of demonstrators in Lattakia.

Colonel Mohammed Al Abdullah, head of the Political Security Branch in Homs and was formerly military attache in France. He has been involved in the killing of demonstrators and torturing detainees who were participating in peaceful demonstrations in Homs.

Colonel Qusay Mihoub, Chief of Air Intelligence and elements of the branch in Harasta.

Colonel Majd Al-Abdallah, State Security Branch of Latakia.

Colonel Firas, Chief of Investigations in the State Security Department.

Kinan Mohammed Ghaliyah, commander in the Artillery Regiment 53, in Latakia. He took part in the killing of demonstrators.

Colonel Ahmed Abdel Hamid, State Security Branch of Latakia.

Ala al-Drooby, of the Political Security Branch.

Lt. Col. Khalid Al-Khatib, of the State Security section 251.

Samer Al-Baridi, head of State Security in Doma. He is the one who deployed snipers.

Major Amjad Abbas, head of Political Security in Banias. He participated in killing and insulting protesters in Baniyas and Al-Beida.

Brigadie Haeil al-Assad, head of Secret Police and Special Operations.

Brigadier Zuhair al-Assad, Brigade Commander in 90, to protect the capital Damascus.

Brigadier General Abdul Salam, head of the Air Intelligence Investigation Branch (the airport Mezze). He is a Shia. 

Major General Adnan Riad al-Shami, General Intelligence Department.

Lt. Col. Anwar and Lt. Col. Abdul Majeed. They are responsible for internal investigation.

Names of police officers from a battalion to protect the regime who opened fire on protesters in Clock Square and ordered to fire on demonstrators on Fridays in the city of Homs:

Nidal Makhlouf.

Haidar Haidar.

Salama Salama.

Mohammed Aljacqui.

Issam Salama from Customs.

Fayyad Alhabet.

Hassaan Al- Ali.

Samer Sikone.

Louay Salam.

Ali Ibrahim.

Civilians who took part in financing and supervising Al-Shabiha of them (Al-Shabiha is a militia armed group which killed demonstrators and members of the army who refused to kill the demonstrators):

Ali al-Assad.

Hafez Munther al-Assad.

Osama al-Assad.

Etab Al-Assad and her gang.

Harun al-Assad and his sons.

Office of Fawaz al-Assad in Latakia.

Rami Mansour, husband of Ahmed al-Assad’s daughter.

Ayman Jaber, husband of Kamal al-Assad’s daughter.

Firas Rifaat al-Assad.

Moder Rifaat al-Assad.

Emad Abu Bilal Abu Kenan, a retired officer from Artouz.

(Ali Abbas), Ali Abbas Abu Hadi of the military security district of Tartus. He was seen in a video hitting people in the village of the White Stick.

Muhammad al-Assad, nicknamed ‘Sheikh of the Mountain’.

Hassan Assad Ibn Tawfiq.

Hussein al-Assad, the son of Tawfiq.

Kamal al-Assad.

Businessmen who contributed externally, financing and purchasing weapons and military equipment from the black market:

Solomon Maarouf: a nephew of Major General Mohamed Nasef who lives in Dubai. He tried to purchase the sniper guns from South Africa which refused to sell them, so he had to buy them from the black market. He owns the bulk of the TV station ‘Al-Donia’.

Ghassan Muhanna.

Samir Hassan.

Samir al-Taqi.

Mohammed Hamshto.

Raif Kouatli.

Hashem Akkad.

Khalid Mahgoub.

Iyad Ghazal.

Nader Kalai.

Firas Shailesh.

Kamal al-Assad.

Ayham al-Assad.

Samer Assad.

Shaukat Useful.

Ziad Shawkat.

Mari and Flames.


Firas Talas.

Nizar Assaad.

Nahed Tallas.

Khaldoun Makhlouf.

Ahmad Hamsho.

Saeb Nahas.

Ghassan Bilal.

Mazer system of religion.

Marwan Kheireddine (Lebanese), the owner of Bank resources.

Tarif Akhras.

Emad Ghreiwati.

Morteza Aldandasi.

Ali Shawkat.

Faris Adnan Ismail.

Ayman Jaber.

Walid Osman.

Ayman Asfari – London.

Firas Shailesh – Cyprus.