• June 22, 2013
  • 8 minutes read

‘No to Violence’ Friday Final Statement

‘No to Violence’ Friday Final Statement

 To the great Egyptian people,

To all those who came out today to say before the whole world, ‘Yes to legitimacy, No to flouting the free will of the Egyptian people’…

To those who gathered today from all the provinces of Egypt to say their word, roaring like the most powerful of storms, firm in support of democracy like mighty mountains, clear as the light of dawn…

To all those, we say: thank you… for the peaceful rally and the splendor of performance as affirmed their support for the legitimacy and democratic process, and their rejection of violence.

To all those, we say: with God’s help, and with your great endeavors, the march of the revolution will be completed and will achieve its objectives.

Revolutionaries, Free… We will complete the journey.

From this wonderful liberty rendezvous, as political parties, revolutionary groups and Islamist movements joined by the masses of the honorable Egyptian people, we assure that we are in a constant state of preparedness and alertness, in order to protect and complete the demands of the revolution, and will not allow anyone to flout the will of the people or circumvent the ballot box.

We are here to say very clearly and decisively, to the first elected civilian president: the Egyptian masses are fully behind you; they support and stand by you wholeheartedly. So, go forth strongly with God’s blessing. God will help you; and the people will support you.

Oh great people of Egypt,

You have shown the whole world that if there are a few opponents, here is a whole nation of supporters, willing to give everything they own to protect their Revolution.

We urge the government to work hard to solve the pressing problems and meet the needs of the people and to deal firmly with all who attempt to manipulate or control the destiny of the people or stage a coup against legitimacy and democratic process.

Our message, from this iconic place, to the honorable judges of Egypt is: we ask you to stand by the masses of the Egyptian people to complete the goals of the revolution; we demand retribution for the pure blood of the martyrs of the Revolution and fair trials for the corrupt, without delay.

Our message to all media professionals in all locations and media outlets is: the whole people demand of you professional objectivity and credibility, facts not rumors, media services that hold high the homeland’s interests and stability, higher than any narrow private or partisan interests.

To the dutiful youth of Egypt, the youth of the Revolution, the hope of the nation in the present and future… Rise now and shine brightly. Your homeland, Egypt, needs you in State institutions and in the forthcoming parliament and in the local councils.

To the honorable police and all security servicemen… The people appreciate your role and expect you to address the problems of violence, thuggery and sabotage more strongly, and to protect State institutions as well as public and private property. We are the masses of the people, and we are with you; we support you in order to achieve stability and security in Egypt.

To the great army of Egypt, to the brave men of the armed forces… The Egyptian people deeply appreciate your role in protecting the revolution and the homeland with all its territories, and your stand alongside democratic process and legitimacy as expressed by the Egyptian people in fair and free elections.

From this special place, we send a clear message to all countries of the world, in the east and west: we reject interference in our internal affairs or tampering with the stability and security of Egypt. We ask everyone to respect the will of the Egyptian people, as expressed in more than one occasion.

We ask you, Mr. President, to purge State institutions of all corrupt officials, and to beat with an iron fist at the hands of all those who fail to do their duties, all those who fabricate crises affecting millions of citizens, especially regarding water, electricity and fuel.

Everyone should know that the people who sacrificed and gave so much, and are about to reap the fruits of their Revolution, are capable of protecting that Revolution, completing the march and achieving its goals, despite all the doubters and plotters.

Indeed, the unjust and the corrupt will soon enough find out what God has prepared for them, as God says in the Quran (26:227).