‘Stop Killing Egyptians Immediately’, Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Abbassiya Deadly Clashes

‘Stop Killing Egyptians Immediately’, Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Abbassiya Deadly Clashes

– Again, Egyptians blood is unjustly spilt.

– Again, the tactics of intimidation and murder of peaceful protesters begin to unfold.

– Again, a crisis is fabricated as we get closer to a new democratic stage’s deadline.

– Again, horrendous crimes are committed against the people of this homeland in the same old ways as if we never learnt anything from our great revolution.

– Again, we assure the people will not tolerate this violation of their rights and will not allow the shedding of more blood of the innocent and will not allow the nation to be dragged back into the dark past of repression and persecution.

– Again, we reiterate that the Military Council (SCAF) is the de facto ruler responsible for what is happening in the country at this critical stage, and that the great revolutionary people of Egypt will not tolerate any attempt to disrupt this democratic transformation process and the fulfillment of the revolution’s goals.

Therefore, the Muslim Brotherhood demands:

– The immediate cessation of the use of force and violence against demonstrators and protestors in the Abbassiya which kill and maim many.

– An immediate halt to the killing and aggression against Egyptians, and the arrest of thugs and criminals who must be prosecuted and handed the severest penalties.

– Removal of the current government and the formation of a neutral and just government that should take charge of the administration of the country and oversee the presidential elections.

– Lift the hands of SCAF off the formation of the Constituent Assembly and the writing of the Constitution, in which it must not interfere.

– The presidential elections on time, with full transparency and integrity.

– Power handover to elected civilian authority on the 30th of June 2012, without any delay.

Further, the Muslim Brotherhood announce its intention to participate in the million-man marches and popular protests in Tahrir Square, this Friday, to express their rejection of SCAF tactics and maneuvers, and to condemn the killings and criminal attacks committed against the free Egyptian people.

“Whoever kills a human being, except as punishment for murder or for causing turmoil in the land, so it shall be as if he had killed all mankind” Holy Quran (5:32).

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: May 2, 2012