10-Day Postponement of School Year an Offence to Islam?

10-Day Postponement of School Year an Offence to Islam?

Dr. Hani Hilal, Egyptian Minister of Higher Education, objected to caaling off the start of the school year until after Eid al-Fitr Feast, pointing out that this would harm the image of Islam and so that no one says “Muslims do not work in the month of Ramadan”.
Such a statement is new as it reflected the minister”s keenness on preserving the image of Islam and Muslims in the West and in outside world.

Because he is keen to maintain the good image of Islam and Muslims, I”d like to attract the minister”s attention to some measures taken in the Ministry of Higher Education. These measure so much distort the image Islam more than calling off the school year for 10 days. These measures include for example:

1 – rigging student union elections and denying students the right to run for elections and to elect the ones they consider as the best to represent them.
2 – Dismissing students who practice student and political activities and denying them access to exams, undermining their futures.
3 – Overburdening most students through raising prices of university textbooks in an unprecedented manner.


4 – Appointing deans who are trustworthy- not those who are efficient- instead of choosing them three a free and direct election.
5 – The educational process itself and the negative abuses committed during it.
6 – Appointing sons of university professors and denying excellent and superior students their legitimate right.
These are only a drop in the ocean. I mention only these few abuses so that the minister”s weeping over the image of Islam and Muslims doesn’t exceed limits!.


*Director of the Center for Human Rights Victims
[email protected]