• February 18, 2009

10 MB Members Arrested Including Son of MB MP

10 MB Members Arrested Including Son of MB MP

State Security Investigations Bureau arrested 8 MB members from Samalut, El-Minya on Monday, February 16, at dawn.

The arrested are: Eng. Abdel-Raheem Abdul-Salam Mahmud, Abdul-Baqy Mahmud Abdul-Hakim, Eng. Abdul-Rahman Ragab, Eng. Khairy Abdul-Wahab, Imam Mahdi, Magdi Mohamed Abdullah, Khaled Tal”at, Nozha Mahmud Negm.

Two other MB members from Gharbiyya had been arrested the day before, Sunday, including son of MP Ali Laban (member of the MB parliamentary bloc) while he and his friend were posting flyers calling for showing solidarity with and relieving the people of Gaza.  Not long after they were presented before the prosecution of Damanhur which ordered their release, the Ministry of Interior Affairs issued a decision ordering their detainment upon which they were taken to Damanhur prison.

On the other hand, the prosecution of Alexandria ordered the jailing of three MB members from Alexandria who had been arrested last Saturday on their way back from Cairo to Alexandria on charges of affiliation with the banned MB movement. Worth mentioning is the confiscation of their mobiles in addition to 3000 LE they had carried with them to pay their college fees.

Furthermore, in Qina, a decision was issued ordering the detainment of five MB members from Qina after the Qina Misdemeanors Court ordered their release.  Meanwhile, the Cairo Criminal Court located in the Fifth Compound released five MB leaders after two months of detention since their houses were raided on January 2 along with seven other MB leaders.  The released are: Dr. Abdul-Fattah Rizq (Reporter of the Sub-Syndicates Committee in the Doctors Syndicate), Dr. Ali Battikh (Pathology Consultant), Dr. Hosam Abu Bakr El-Siddiq, Eng. Ali Abdel-Fattah, Dr. Ayman Abdul-Raouf Hodhod.