100 College Students Suspended

Protesting oppressive measures, the students of the Muslim Brotherhood in El-Mania University went on a massive march.  100 of the MB’s students were unjustly expelled without committing violations. In addition, the university administration rigged the ballots and excluded the MB’s candidates from the electoral lists. The university, furthermore, banned any student activities such as forming groups.
According to demonstrated participants, the students were suspended on manifold charges, reciting the Holy Qur’an in classes is among them. Ironically enough, one of dismissed students was hospitalized few days before the decision. Thus, it becomes clear that this measure was designated to bar them from running for the vote.
At the end of the march, students gathered before the headquarters of the university presidency pressing for meeting the chair. However, they were kept out by the police. In response, students threatened to stage a sit-in; therefore, the university chair unwillingly met representatives of each college. Students offered their demands; the return of the expelled colleagues, lifting the security control over the student activities, allowing the Muslim Brotherhood’s students to form groups and to practice all political and cultural activities.