11 Candidates for Bar Association Chairman Post

11 Candidates for Bar Association Chairman Post

The candidates for Bar Chairman post on Saturday -the first day of nomination- have reached 11 lawyers, among them: Sameh Ashur, Hamdy Khalifa (Bar Chairman in Giza), Ezzat Abdus-Sami’e, Amin Abdul-Latif, Alaa Khedr, Atia Shaalan, Abdul-Aziz Bayyumi, Tharwat Abdul-Hafeez, Abdur-Rahman Taye and Zakareyya Abduz-Zahir.


Receiving applications for the chairman post and members of General Syndicate will continue for 11 days.


The common level candidates for Appeals Courts have reached 37, besides five others for public sector and 67 for the First Instance courts. Since the early morning, supporters of the chairman nominees crowded inside the syndicate building. The first candidate for the post was Hamdy Khalifa.


Lawyer Ragaie Ateyya rebuffed the rumor of his non-participation saying, “the delay in my participation is because of thinking of the current situation and my sorrow for the blatant governmental support for Ashur, through the statements of the coordinator of lawyers file at the ruling NDP, Said Al Far, who publicized the party’s support for Ashur, and non of those in charge refuted his statement”.


The Bar Association elections are supposed to be held next January 18.