• Lebanon
  • August 6, 2006
  • 2 minutes read

12 IOF soldiers slain in Hizbullah missile barrage

The Israeli TV confirmed on Sunday that 12 Israeli reservists were killed in the Lebanese Hizbullah fighters’ missile attacks on Kiryat Shmoneh settlement.

Israeli sources said that 12 others were wounded in the same barrage of missiles that were fired in retaliation to the continued Israeli onslaught on Lebanon that resulted in barbaric massacres of civilians and destruction of Lebanese infrastructure.

Hebrew sources reported earlier Sunday that two IOF soldiers were killed in confrontations with Hizbullah fighters in south Lebanon and seven others were injured.

Meanwhile, Lebanese police said that six civilians were killed in Israeli air raids at dawn Sunday on the Ansar village east of Sidon coastal city.

The police sources said that the Israeli warplanes launched 12 air raids overnight on that village other than a series of other raids on villages to the southeast of Sidon.

Eight other raids were reported on the Bekaa Valley east of Lebanon that practically isolated the Valley from neighboring Syria and other Lebanese areas.

On the political front, the Beirut government announced reservations over the draft US-French resolution on a ceasefire while the Tel Aviv government welcomed it.

The Lebanese premier, Fuad Al-Seniora, highlighted that the draft resolution was void of any reference to the presence of Israeli occupation forces on Lebanese territories, and he thus demanded that withdrawal of those troops should be at the top of the draft.