12 MB’s Nominees Win and 20 Lose

In spite of bloody instances marred the final run-offs that killed seven and wounded dozens, the Muslim Brotherhood gains additional 12 parliamentary seats.
The security authorities deliberately defeated most of the MB’s representatives in the outgoing parliament, Muhammad Morsy, the head of the MB bloc, is on the top. Actually, Morsy got 29.000 votes while his competitor took 11.500. Nevertheless, the finial declared result claimed Morsy obtaining 26985 votes when 27235 went to his challenger. 
Heavyweight figures of the National Democratic Party and opposition have lost in these run-offs, for example, Counselor Muhammad Mossa, the president of the Legislative Committee in the outgoing parliament and De’a el-Dean Dawod, the leader of Nasserian Party. These additional seats brings the MB’s representation in the elected 437-parliament to 88, at rate of 20%. Meanwhile, the opposition parties gain 15 seats, at rate of 3.4%. In fact, the vote was called off in six constituencies, in el-Daqhlia and Kafr el Sheikh Governorates, with nine seats up for grabs, and in which the Brotherhood has 7 candidates.
The MB’s winners are distributed: 3 in el-Daqhlia, 3 in el-Sharqia, 3 in Sohag, 2 in Kafr el-Sheikh, and one in Dametta.
1-     el-Daqhlia governorate:
– Ibrahem Abu Ouf in Mania el-Nasser district   
– Muhammad Ismail in Talkha constituency
– Taeq Qodp in Markaz el-Mansoura constituency
2-     el-Sharqia province
– Maher Akel in Kafr Saqr district
– Mormon Zaror in el-Teleen constituency
– Farid Ismail in Faqous1 district
3-     Dametta governorate:
– Muhammad Kasbah in Farscoer district
4-     Kafr el-Sheikh governorate:
– Muhammad Fadel in Foh district
– Muhammad Shaker in el-Read constituency 
5-     Sohag governorate:
– Muhammad Yusseif in Tahta district
– Muhammad el-Said in el-Markha constituency