12 MPs to Attend Forum on Islam And Politics in Jakarta

A delegation of the Muslim Brotherhood’s parliamentary bloc left Cairo for Indonesia to take part in the activities of the International Forum for Islamic Parliaments.

The delegation, headed by Hussein Mohamed Ibrahim the bloc’s deputy chief, left Cairo on Wednesday Jan., 17, 2007, to attend the forum which is organized by members of the Indonesian parliament, aiming at fostering solidarity among Muslims at a time when “Islam is under trial due to war and terrorism,” organizers said.

The forum will start on Thursday and will continue until next Sunday Jan, 21, 2007.

The delegation includes twelve MPs, including Dr. Mohamed Al Beltagi the Secretary-General of the bloc, after 6 MPs refused to travel because they will attend today’s session in the People’s Assembly to vote on approving the constitutional amendments in principle.

The delegation will carries the views of a number of Egyptian intellectuals topped by counselor Tarek Al Bishri and the political researcher Diaa Rashwan, around the Islamic project and the idea of Islamic parties.

Dr. Mohamed Al Beltagi said in a statement to Ikhwanweb that:” Invitations were sent to Islamic parliamentarians from most countries all over the Muslim Arab world, in addition to all political parties and movements which have Islamic reference, not only those affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood.

He added:” MB parliamentarians are the only ones from Egypt who traveled to this forum because there is no Islamic political movements in the People’s Assembly other than the Muslim Brotherhood; this made the invitation restricted to us in an attempt from the forum’s organizers to bring closer the relations among Islamic states, through establishing a parliamentary forum like the Euro-Mediterranean parliament and the European Parliament.

Al Beltagi confirmed that the rumors that the forum is funded by Iran are groundless allegations stated by the National Democratic Party MP Dr. Sherine Ahmed Fouad when he raised this topic; he demanded to know the nature of the forum, who funds it and who chose those MPs from the People’s Assembly to participate? and whether the Assembly is informed or not? Dr. Sorour rejected the allegations, confirming that the financing party is the Indonesian Welfare Party, after the People’s Assembly sent a letter to the Egyptian ambassador to Jakarta to inquire about the organizers of this forum.
Al Beltagi excluded that the MB bloc’s participation in such a forum may trigger any future crises with the ruling regime.