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  • May 20, 2007
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12 Sharqiya MBs From Sharqiya Detained

The State Security Police detained 12 Muslim Brotherhood members on Saturday May, 19, 2007, from the village of Al Asadiya, Sharqiya, while attending a course for producing shampoo .
The security forces ringed the house of Mohamed Said Abdul Salam, where the detained MB members were meeting, for four hours till they found a photographer inside the village. When they didn’t find a photographer inside the village, they sent for a photographer from the city of Abu Hammad to take photos of them and of an article about the constitutional amendments !!
The security forces took the detainees to Abu Hammad police station and searched their houses. After that they were sent to an undisclosed location and they haven’t appeared before the competent prosecution.
The Detainees Are:
Abd Al-Karim Hijab, an employee in the nuclear energy organization from the village of Al-Helmiya.
Salah Eiqab, an employee in the Youth and Sport authority from Tall Muftah and his son Abdul Rahman Salah Eiqab (12 years, sixth primary school student).
Mohamed Abdul Badie Saad, an accountant from Al Asdiya.
Essam Sayed Ahmed, senior library teacher from Al Asdiya
Nasser Al-Sayyed Abd Al-Rahman, Azhar teacher from sheikh Gobail.
Hossam Mohamed Abdul Salam, a computer instructor from Al-Asadiya.
Mohamed Mahmoud Abdullah, Al-Azhar University graduate from Tall Miftah.
Ashraf Abdul Hamid Ghanem, Accountant from Sheikh Gobail
Magdi Ahmed Lotfi, employee from Al Asadiya
Mohamed Said Abdul Salam, English teacher at Al-Azhar from Al Asadiya
Mahmoud Ahmed Abdul Mottaleb, a secondary teacher at Abu Hammad Secondary School.
In a related context, the state security forces detained a Muslim Brotherhood member form Bani Suwayf while hanging a campaign sign for the group’s candidate in the Shura Council elections!!

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