• January 8, 2011

13 IOF bullets penetrated the head and heart of an elderly Palestinian man

13 IOF bullets penetrated the head and heart of an elderly Palestinian man

 Haj Omar al-Qawsmi, 65 years, was asleep in his bed at 4:15 Friday morning when IOF troops quietly sneaked into his flat and went straight to his bedroom and riddled his head and upper body with 13 bullets leaving his brain splattered on the floor mistaking him for Wael al-Bitar.

His wife was praying when she heard the shooting and she cried aloud, the occupation soldiers immediately closed here mouth and dragged her to another room, when they ascertained her identity and that of her husband they went to Wael al-Bitar’s flat searched the flat and arrested him. The IOF soldiers also questioned Wael’s wife before leaving according to the family.

Meanwhile the family of Mohannad Neiroukh, another captive in Abbas’s jails who was released after 40 days of hunger strike, said that the IOF troops encircled their home and raided it amid firing of flares and stun grenades and took Neiroukh, who is unconscious, to an awaiting ambulance.

The family of Majd Obaid said that IOF troops encircled their home, broke windows and doors and took Majd, who is not able to walk after going through a 40-day strike in Abbas’s jails, to an awaiting ambulance.

The same was relayed by the families of Ahmad Oweiwi and Wisam al-Qawasmi about the kidnapping of their sons who were only released on Thursday evening from Abbas’s jails by IOF troops.