14 University Professors of Jordan’s Brotherhood Dismissed

The Muslim Brotherhood group in Jordan declared that 14 university professors were dismissed from Al-Zarqaa university, accusing the government of exercising pressures that led to dismissing them.
The most prominent dismissed professors include the senior assistant Secretary-General of the Islamic Action Front (IAF), Dr. Rahil Ghraeba who said that the university administration informed him of ending his contract and that it won’t renew it next year; he pointed out that the dismissals included 13 other professors some of them are leaders in the Muslim Brotherhood group .
Dr. Rahil Al Ghraeba, specialized in rights and freedoms in the Islamic Sharia, spent eight years in Al-Zarqaa university which he joined after he was dismissed from Al Al Al-Bayt University in which he remained three years before leaving his work in it under external pressures although the then University President, Adnan Al Bakhit, didn’t want to implement the decision.
Al Ghraeba was denied a government job since he graduated in 1979; his passport was seized under orders of the security services for several years before it was released in 1990 on a government parliamentary decision that was taken during a temporary democratic breakthrough.
Al Ghraeba attributed reasons for his dismissal to security and political pressures because he is a leader in the Islamic Action Front Party, and he linked the decision of dismissing him with the sharp criticisms that he directed days ago against Prime Minister Maarouf Al Bakhit, in response to latter’s criticisms to the Islamic Action Front and its attitudes.
Al Ghraeba added that the dismissals are part of a campaign that will include about 48 professors mostly affiliated or close to the Muslim Brotherhood.
The Islamists were possessing most shares of the company possessing Al-Zarqaa before a local investor managed to buy most of their shares, and consequently, excluding many Muslim Brotherhood leaders from the key positions inside it.
However, the University President, Dr. Adnan Naefa, dismissed any political dimensions behind the decision of ending contracts with the professors, refusing to use the word “dismissal “, and said ” These professors were notified of not renewing their contracts starting from mid next September, because Jordanian law states that the contract party should be informed of not renewing it four months before it expires, and this what was done”.
He added that ” There are purely academic reasons for not renewing the contracts, including restructuring a number of  specializations and the political problems between some of those dismissed and the government has no relation with not renewing the contracts”.
For his part, Zaki Bin Arsheed, the Secretary-General of Jordanian Islamic Action Front Party and a top leader in the Muslim Brotherhood group said that the dismissals can’t be isolated from the context if ” targeting the Islamic movement”.
Bin Arsheed said in a statement to Ikhwanweb that:” The dismissal is a new method in the government war against the Muslim Brotherhood and it is taking today the form of a war against people’s source of living.
Bin Arsheed pointed out that the government controls the Islamic Center Society without any evidence on any a corruption, and it is taking steps to control over the society of memorizing the Holy Quran; today it is taking the decision of dismissing university professors, and the Ministry of Endowments is working for restructuring 68 Zakat committees to exclude any member affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood ” .
Bin Arsheed described what is happening as ” A fierce government attack, a war against the Muslim Brotherhood and freedoms in general”, pointing out that the government is ” actually harming the whole country while targeting us only increases our popularity and strength ahead of the elections, but we do not want to gain while our homeland is losing”.
Bin Arsheed accused ” decision makers” of leading the country ” to dilemmas and crises”, adding that “There are decision makers who are fed on crises and consider targeting the Islamic movement as the easiest method to remain in power”.
Bin Arsheed added that what is currently happening in Jordan is worse than the years of martial laws”, urging Jordanian king Abdullah II to intervene to stop ” escalations of these persons benefiting from harming the country”.