140 candidates for the MB in Sudan ‘s election

140 candidates for the MB in Sudan ‘s election

In an unprecedented event Sudan ‘s presidential, legislative and regional elections campaign began yesterday. Campaigning for  Sudan ‘s first truly multi-party elections began officially on Saturday, February 13 as specified by the Sudan ‘s National Elections Commission (NEC), and will continue for 56 days ahead of the polling date scheduled to run from April 11 to April 13. Sudanese Muslim Brotherhood vigorously contests these elections as the group has nominated 140 candidates to compete for seats in the national and state councils.

Sudan’s national election will generate an intense and unique competition for the presidential seat with the nomination of 12 candidates.  MB-backed President Omar al-Bashir, a candidate of the ruling National Congress party, former Sudanese Prime Minister Sadiq al-Mahd and former southern rebel Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) Yasir Arman in addition to nine other candidates will all be running for election

It is anticipated that President Omar al-Bashir, will be the most likely candidate to succeed and will win first presidential round without a re-run. 

Sudan ’s upcoming national election is its first democratic elections in 24 years. Sudan ‘s inexperienced voters will face one of the most complex elections on record with at least six different candidates for the nomination of the president, the governor and members of Sudan ‘s National Legislative Assembly in addition to state assemblies across Sudan and the south’s Governor and members of the Southern Sudan Legislative Assembly. A Presidential candidate representing the South for the first time will be among the candidates her name is Fatma Abdel-Mahmoud. She is al the first Sudanese woman to be nominated minister in the era of the late President Nimeiri. 


The elections will be held for the leadership in the south, which vie for only two candidates, Sudan’s First Vice President Salva Kiir, the leader of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) in succession of its late leader John Garang and Dr. Lam Akol Ajawin, who was former deputy of Salva Kiir and now is a currently leader of SPLM-DC.

The Muslim Brotherhood will formally run for the first time in the election with 140 candidates at the national and provincial levels. Prof Yusuf Hibir Nur al-Da’im, Controller-General of the Muslim Brotherhood in Sudan , is the most prominent candidate in Sudan ‘s Election. Dr. Sami Abd El Dayem Yassin, head of the MB Political Section and his deputy Dr. Essam Youssef and Sheikh Ali Gawish will also enter the national election.  A group of Female MB members, Sheikh Sadiq Abd Allah Abd Al Magid’s wife, the former Controller General of the Muslim Brotherhood Ms. Nafisa Abdul Rahman, will also enter in the Sudanese election.

Sudan’s MB raise the slogan of “enforcement of Islamic Shariah law, unity and reform” and hope to represent their movement, stressing that their main goal is not to win votes but hearts that are driven and inspired by Islam’s great values in which Sudan can be a place for everyone.

It is noteworthy that the legislative and state elections witness a fierce contest among candidates from 66 parties, in addition to a large number of independents. More than 14000 minor and independent party candidates will compete for the 450-seat National Assembly, in addition to approximately 2000 additional seats for the Council of States.