15,000 Pharmacist call for a strike against Ministry of health

15,000 Pharmacist call for a strike against Ministry of health

The Pharmacists Syndicate agreed on the inclusion of a request by 15,000 members of the Syndicate to organise an open strike inside the headquarters of the syndicate in the Federation of Medical Professions next week. This was requested in case the Minister of Health did not respond to the demands of pharmacists to abolish resolution NO. 380 of 2009 on the health requirements for pharmacist’s institutions.

Dr. Yousef Seyfollah Imam, Assistant-Secretary-General of the Syndicate stated to Ikhwanweb that “the Syndicate’s Council agreed to include a request by a huge number of the syndicates members to organize an open strike in the Syndicate to put pressure on the Minster of Heath to respond to their “legitimate” demands of amending the recent resolution on health requirements. This would take place after the General Assembly convenes on February 12.

He added “the request included demands to decrease the number of accepted students to the faculties of pharmacists at the level of the republic to 3500 students only”.

He pointed out that the Syndicate would take the legal procedures to implement this recommendation and the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health have to implement the decisions of the General Assembly of the pharmacists syndicate in order to preserve the future of students and the professions.

Dr. Seyf criticised the statements of Dr. Kamal Sabra, Assistant –Minister of Health on the affairs of pharmacy regarding the reduction of the prices of some medicines in the next period.

He called the ministry to have a new system for medicine pricing with transparency which is compatible with the income of the ordinary citizen instead of the press statements which are followed by the increase of dozens of necessary medicines.