• MB News
  • June 1, 2010
  • 3 minutes read

15 MB candidates in Tuesday’s Shura elections

15 MB candidates in Tuesday’s Shura elections

Despite much intervention by security forces during campaigns the MB are defiant and will not be deterred regardless of threats or the absence of official overseers


Dr. Mohammed Badie the groups chairman had called on the public to participate and submit their voices choosing any candidate they deemed suitable to represent them. He stressed the importance of the media and civil society organizations presence in the electoral field to cover the elections and expose any abuse or harassment by the authorities

Badie maintained that despite threats and obstacles faced before the elections the MB is committed to continue calling for reform and to reveal the regimes corruption to the world

He stressed that the Muslim Brotherhood will continue responding to any irregularities even on Election Day through peaceful and tolerant methods and legal channels. He claimed that no right is lost if it is demanded with vehemence and courage