150 Muslim Brotherhood Members Arrested In One Day Over Gaza Protests

150 Muslim Brotherhood Members Arrested In One Day Over Gaza Protests

Egyptian security forces arrested 150 MB members in Damanhour at Monday noon during a demonstration organized by the MB on the major streets of Buhayra governorate which included around 20,000 participants.

Despite the physical assaults against demonstrators and large number of security forces in front of the Tawbah mosque in Damanhour, the security police were not able to prevent the demonstration which resumed its march towards the Damanhour court.

Among the people who participated in the demonstration condemning the Israeli offensive and shameful Arab silence towards the massacres in Gaza were Mohamed Suweidan, Chairman of Buheyra MB Administrative Bureau and other MB leaders.

On the other hand, in a new escalation against the MB, Engineer Abdullatif Ghalush, an MB leader, was taken from his house Sunday night and arrested after the demonstrations that filled Egypt last Friday in response to Islamic scholars” call for making Friday a day for “anger” over the holocaust and genocide taking place in Gaza.

It is worthy mentioning that hundreds of MB members from different places in Egypt have been detained after the MB”s organization of hundreds of demonstrations and rallies calling for the support of Gaza.

*Mustafa Radwan and Asmaa Shehata contributed to this story.