168 Palestinian refugees killed in Iraq, attacks still ongoing

Three Palestinian legal societies on Saturday denounced the ongoing attacks against Palestinian refugees in Iraq at the hands of the American occupation forces (AOF) and Iraqi racist militias.

A joint press release for those societies said that the “racist repression” against those refugees was on the rise, reporting that in the course of the past week the AOF units twice stormed the Baladiyat residential complex where many of those refugees live in Baghdad.

The release pointed out that AOF troops broke their way into a number of apartments and beat up inhabitants before arresting three bothers.

It said that the AOF troops terrorized and provoked inhabitants over the past few days and flew their warplanes at low altitudes over the complex and broke the sound barrier.

For its part, the Palestinian society for human rights pointed out that 662 assaults were reported on Palestinians in Iraq that killed 168 individuals including five women and seven children.

It said that nine were still missing and 68 were held in AOF prisons and in Iraqi interior ministry dungeons where they suffer the cruelest torture rounds ever without allowing their relatives or lawyers to visit them.

The joint statement finally called on the international community and the UNSC to save the lives of 24,000 Palestinian refugees residing in that American occupied Arab country. It also asked human rights and legal organizations to assume their role in protecting those refugees.