18 Candidates Manage to Register For Shura Council Elections

Despite widespread intimidations by government officials to prevent candidates affiliated with the MB from registering for the upcoming Shura Council elections, 18 members of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) managed to complete the registration process to run for the elections on June 11. The names of the candidates will not be confirmed till the appeal process is completed by the end of this week following Sunday’s registration deadline, according to the election law.

The names of MB candidates are,

1-Abdel Mohsen Kamhawy- Daqahlīyah

2-Khaled Aldeeb- Daqahlīyah

3-Samir Abu Shamia- Al Minyā

4-Dr. Nagy Sakr- Sharqīyah

5-Al Said Mohamed el Kashef- Sharqīyah

6-Tarek Hashad- Al Buhayrah

7-Mohamed Shaaban Isa- Al Buhayrah

8-Hamza Sabri- Al Gharbīyah

9-Al Desoky Kleep- Al Gharbīyah

10-Fekry al Adham- Dumyāt

11-Dr. Al Ghobashy al Attawy- Kafr ash Shaykh

12-Ahmed Ibrahim Khattab- Al Qalyūbīyah

13-Mohamed al Battarawy- As Suways

14-Gaber Mansour- Banī Suwayf

15-Al Said Saleh- Giza

16-Mohamed al Fiky- Giza

17-Ahmed Said Darwish- Al Fayyūm

18-Othman Diab- Al Fayyūm

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