19 Helwan MB Students to Disciplinary Boards

19 Muslim Brotherhood students have been referred to disciplinary boards on charges of participating in and propagating for the free student union .
Doctor Khairi Abdul Hadi Mehassab, the dean of Helwan University ’s Faculty of Commerce, referred on Jan. 9, 2007 , 19 MB students to disciplinary boards after investigating with some of them on charges of participating in and propagating for the free student union .
The students facing disciplinary actions are:
Ibrahim Rabiey Ibrahim (Fourth grader)
Mahmoud Hussein Al Zawi (Fourth grader)
Ahmed Eid Al Hambouli (Fourth grader)
Mohamed Abdul Khalek Khalifa (Fourth grader)
Haggag Shaban (Fourth grader)
Morsi Rajab Morsi (Fourth grader)
Abdul Aziz Mogahed (third grader and ex-secretary general of the free student union)
Mohamed Sayed Ali (third grader)
Ali Mohamed Mansour (third grader)
Ibrahim Khalaf Gomaah (third grader)
Ibrahim Ghazi Awad (third grader)
Bassam Salah (second grader)
Nadi Mohamed Abdullah (second grader)
Islam Said Ismail (second grader)
Mohamed Eid Ibrahim (second grader)
Bahi Adel Hammouda (first grader)
It is worth mentioning that some of these students were referred to investigations  when they were detained along with other students from the Faculty of Commerce on Sunday Nov. 5, 2006, ahead of holding the elections of the free student union in the faculty, which is the very reason for investigating with students; although the students did not appear before any investigation because they were detained, but they were directly referred to disciplinary boards!; one of these students, Ibrahim Rabiey Ibrahim is still detained.
The students said:” The disciplinary boards were set on the day of the exam and shortly before the exam”, ironically explained by the students as a kind of refreshing the memory and ” a starter” a head of the exams!.
In a related context, 3 students from the Faculty of Education have been referred to disciplinary boards and they will appear in front of these boards on Monday Jan. 15, 2007 ; these students are:
Mahmoud Abd Al-Gayyed Abdul Hafiz (Fourth grader)
Mohamed Hamdi Mohamed (Fourth grader)
Ahmed Afifi (Third grader)