• March 11, 2007
  • 3 minutes read

2 Damietta MBs Arrested

2 Damietta MBs Arrested

Egyptian security forces arrested two Muslim Brotherhood (MB) members from the northern Egyptian Governorate of Damietta.


The security forces arrested last Thursday Zakariya Al-Saeedy, from the village of Al-Shu’ra, and Ahmed Abou Ganba, from the village of Al Basarta in the governorate of Damietta, north of Cairo, on charges of belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood group and attempting to revive its organization .


The state security prosecution jailed the first for four days under investigation and ordered the second released but he hasn’t been released yet.


 These detention are part of a continuous crackdown carried out by the security forces against the MB; it started with the Dec. 14, detention of 140 of Al-Azhar MB students and forty Muslim Brotherhood leaders, following an athletic display performed by the students. This crackdown aims actually at exercising pressures on the MB affiliated MPs to pass the proposed constitutional amendments which are scheduled to be discussed in the Egyptian parliament next Tuesday, March, 13, 2007 .