2-Taking a Pause with careful understanding

2-Taking a Pause with careful understanding


Second: The Islamic Project:

  1. The group presents to the Islamic Ummah its project in a specific manner with clear goals and landmarks, and it adopts it and works to achieve it according to its vision, and calls everyone to cooperate and participate in it.


  1. The group believes in the impossibility of working alone, as we want a comprehensive reform that deals with all the existing conditions of change and alteration, and that all the forces of the nation cooperate in it, and therefore its success is the result of the work of all workers for Islam in society.


  1. This project cannot be imposed on the nation by force or weapons, or from a higher authority, but rather by building the reference of Islam in the hearts of people, and imbuing society with an Islamic character in its concepts and behaviours, and this is achieved through advocacy, education and positive influence in society.


  1. The basic requirements for the success of

this project and ensuring the application of Allah’s law are:

 – Raising a Muslim generation which is raised on Islam, focused on protecting it, sacrificing for it and holding fast to it.

 – Changing the state of society in general, aligning the majority of it in its affection and desire for an Islamic reference; and in its support for the Islamic project.

 – The possession of the executive branch of power must be attained; after the two previous goals have been met.

It is not possible to empower Islam as the ruling authority and complete the application of Allah’s law without achieving this matter, because it is an integral part of the Islamic law and the success of the Islamic project.

  • It is also necessary to achieve the real independence of the homeland, especially in its basic requirements, and this matter is being worked on in terms of the institutions of society, and in terms of the executive authority as well.

And if one of the aforementioned conditions is violated, empowerment is not complete – even if they reach power – and it is necessary to strive to complete the rest of its pillars.

  1. Organized work, coordination, and cooperation with those who work in society; does not dispense with the presence of an interdependent group that leads, directs, plans, confronts obstacles and enemies, and follows up work through its timely stages.


  1. The group does not object to the joint management of this great Islamic project, with each entity retaining its particularity , nor does it object to cooperation and coordination with one of its own internal entities. This is something that it always strives for and welcomes.


  1. The project is Islamic in order to distinguish its starting points and clarify its distinction, and it includes all social and national forces, and it does not strip anyone from the characteristic of Islam.

Everyone who works to reform society and works for its progress, whatever its starting points, plays a role in the success of the Islamic project.

  1. The project is Islamic, in terms of its starting points, controls, and fixed goals, but it is the human endeavour that plays a pivotal role in terms of its plans and practical programmes, and that is an area in the project that is not fixed but rather subject to modification and development, and correction of its shortcomings and errors, and the drivers of this Islamic project seek to benefit from every beneficial source and successful experience as well as from every careful examination and development, for wisdom is the lost property of every believer… provided that it does not conflict with the constants, and that its application is dyed with the Islamic spirit.