20 MB members arrested in Fayoum

20 MB members arrested in Fayoum


fifteen MB members in Etsa Centre were surprised by a security forces raiding one of the mosques there following Isha prayer and arrested them.

Five others were arrested in their houses.

The detainees included; 

Abdel Rahman Abdel Hafeez (Supervisor in the Ministry of Education), 

Mohamed Amin (Teacher), 

Ashraf Elsayed Abdel Raheem (Teacher), and 

Nasser Okasha (officer in the local governance).

In his statement, Dr. Ahmed Abdel Rhman, manager of the Administrative Bureau in Fayoum, stated that ” this comes in context of a series of inhuman and unjust attacks against MB members in Fayoum and has no justification at all. These are youth who were sitting in one of the mosques in Esta Centre reciting Quran, so what threat could they pose to be treated this way and have their sanctities violated, while the regime leaves the corrupted ones of the ruling party (NDP) everywhere in the country destroying and spreading corruption”.

Abdel-Rahman commented on the impact of these attacks against MB saying “these attacks and arrests increases the strength of the MB as everyone knows that our mission is to develop and reform this nation and there must be a price paid. MB will continue in their peaceful reformist way and will not be hindered by any obstacles. No arrests or other means will not prevent them from achieving their goals.

Detainees are expected to be presented before the Prosecution within the next hours.