20 MB Students Dismissed Because of Pro-Morality Campaign

20 MB Students Dismissed Because of Pro-Morality Campaign

The administration of Monoufiya University dismissed Sunday 18 students from the Faculties of Arts and Commerce in Sheiben Al Kom. They were banned from entering campus for 15 days.

The students were accused of their participation with other universities in the campaign of “Decent By My Good Morals” organized by MB students. They distributed some brochures and posters calling for the revival of good moral, virtue and decency. The university administration decided to dismiss them following an order by the University state security.

Six students from Monoufiya University are still under arrest in Wadi Al Natruon prison since October.

On the other hand, the administration of Kafr el-Sheikh University dismissed two MB students from the Faculty of Education for two weeks, on charges of sticking posters for the same pro-morality campaign and distributing cards of Islamic nature for the campaign. The students are: “Karim Rizk Al Askary and Osama Saad Al Shami,” fourth year, Arabic Language department.

The number of the dismissed students in Kafr El-Sheikh University reached 32 since the beginning of the campaign. Despite the ruling of the Administrative Judicial Court of Kafr El-Sheikh to cancel the decision of dismissing seven MB students last week and to impose upon the defendant (the university) to pay the university expenses of the students besides 126 Egyptian pounds for each of them, this ruling has not yet been implemented.