• January 5, 2015
  • 8 minutes read

20 Opposition Coalitions, Movements Urge Revolutionary Unity for January 25 Protests

20 Opposition Coalitions, Movements Urge Revolutionary Unity for January 25 Protests

A group of 20 anti-coup revolutionary movements, coalitions and youth icons exhorted all Egyptians to unite behind banners and principles of the January 25 (2011) Revolution, for "freedom, social justice and human dignity", under the slogan: "The people want to overthrow the regime", stressing that they are not calling for any new revolutionary body, entity or coalition.

At a news conference in Cairo Sunday, they added that the call comes in preparation for the January 25 protests, which they hope will be the start of real recovery of the January Revolution.

"We sincerely invite all Egypt’s revolutionary men and women to begin serious endeavors to restore true revolutionary unity, once again, in the face of the current repressive regime.

"Efforts must be intensified in order to succeed in restoring true revolutionary unity, achieving all the January Revolution’s goals, completing the Revolution until the fall of the regime and the purging of all State institutions, and then restoring the democratic process and the reconstruction of modern Egypt.

"We appeal to everyone to contribute to these efforts through dialogue, discussion and decentralized workshops in all the governorates of Egypt, among patriotic revolutionary men and women of all affiliations, with the aim of increasing areas of agreement and cooperation."


1. Revolutionary Coalition of Vocational Movements (Hirak)

2. Cairo Declaration Youth

3. Revolutionary Coalition for Egyptian Women

4. Nasserists and Nationalists Against the Plot

5. The Board of Trustees of the Revolution

6. Youth Against the Coup

7. Coalition of the Revolution’s Young Lawyers

8. Journalists For Reform

9. The Independent University (a representative)

10. Revolutionary 18 Movement

11. Association of the Revolution’s Wounded

12. Freedom Seekers Movement

13. Sisi Demolished Egypt Movement

14. Civil Revolutionary Current

15. Revolution Defense Front

16. Engineers Against the Coup

17. Pharmacists Against the Coup

18. Independence of the Judiciary Support Movement

19. Azhar Students Against the Coup

20. Women Against the Coup

The revolutionary group’s statement was also signed by a number of independent figures and important icons, including Dr. Ihab Salah, former coordinator of the April 6 movement in Qaliubiya; Ali Hafez, the Revolution’s poet; Magdy Alaa, former member of ‘the Board of Trustees of the Revolution’ and Tamarod’s (Rebels’) Central Committee; Tamer Warda, former member of the Engineers Syndicate Board and member of the Cairo Declaration Youth; Mohamed Al-Gobba, former member of Dr. Abdel Moneim Aboul-Fotouh’s presidential campaign; and Mohamed Amrani, former founder-member of the 6 April movement.