Brotherhood-Coptic Dialogue Continues in Alex

On Wednesday, the Muslim Brotherhood’s leaders in Alexandria conducted a new round of talks with Coptic leading figures. The meeting was also attended by representatives of some political powers.  The

Brotherhood’s Information Request on Government Refusal to Register Egyptian Medicines

Brotherhood’s Information Request on Government Refusal to Register Egyptian Medicines The Muslim Brotherhood’s MP, Gamal Kearney, said he will introduce an information request to the new government’s premier and health

Renewal of Dr.el-Haiaoan’s imprisonment for joining the MB

The State Security Prosecution ordered Dr.Hassan el-Haiaoanto to prisonment for seven days pending investigation. Dr.Hassan is a prominent Muslim Brotherhood leader and a professor at Medicine School,  El-Haiaon’s alleged charges

El-Arian: the Brotherhood’s MPs Deal with any Government

Essam el-Arian, a prominent leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, asserted that the new cabinet reshuffle will not be able to produce real economical reform without fulfilling true political reform in

The Crime has a National Character

Commenting on what he called President Ahmadinejad’s challenge of the existence of the Zionist state, Auzi Benzman wrote, on 14 December 2005, in the Haarez Daily Newspaper, “One of the

A ’new’ and ’open’ Egypt?

The Middle East appears to be changing. Its dictators are no longer immune from international justice. Their palaces are exposed to international pressure and their reign to increasing scrutiny by

Today: The Second Round of Brotherhood-Copt Dialogue

On Tuesday’s evening, a new round of the Brotherhood-Copt dialogue series, initiated two weeks ago, takes place between a delegation of the Muslim Brotherhood and a number of Christian elite.

the Brotherhood Studies the Formation of a Conservative Party

 Dec 26, 2005By  Essam el-Arian, a leading persona of the Muslim Brotherhood, voiced the group’s willingness to separate its D’awah (preaching) and political activities, only if the Egyptian political atmosphere provides

El-Arian: the Brotherhood considers the founding of a “conservative” party

Dr. Essam el-Arian, a prominent leader of the Muslim BrotherhoodA prominent leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Dr. Essam el-Arian, declared that the Brotherhood was ready to separate its Islamic propagation

New Draft Law for Parties , a New Fruit of Brotherhood-Front Cooperation

In the farm work of cooperation with opposition MPs, the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc studies a draft law pertaining to Parties Law, prepared by the president of the Unified National