Hope for Reform in Egypt…?

Is Egyptian political culture characterized by apathy and submission to authority? Are Egyptians ready for substantial changes in their political system? Which aspects of the political culture of Egypt can

The Brotherhood Is in favour of a new Coptic Party

Essam el-Arian, an influential member of the Muslim Brotherhood, stated that the group Is in favour of the formation of Christian-oriented civil parties. He mentioned that the Brotherhood called on

A Priest Exhorts Copts to Join the Brotherhood

During the first round of serial meetings with Copts, held at Sawasya Center for Human Right, the Muslim Brotherhood announced preparations to release a number of ideological writings on the

The US congress message push Palestinians back to the military track

Integrating Hamas into the political mainstream will contribute in deescalating the cycle of violence - On the surface of it, the  resolution of the US congress and the statements of

Should America Support Islamists?

American-led efforts to spur democratic reform in the Middle East have brought with them a controversial consequence: the electoral fortune of Islamist groups. From the success of the Muslim Brotherhood

Egypt’s MB Sets Roadmap for US

"The MB’s "no-rush" approach is due to historical, political and national reasons," El-Erian said.  CAIRO, December 22, 2005 ( – Citing doubts over US real intentions, in addition to historical,

Do not exclude Hamas from the vote

 On the surface of it, the resolution of the U.S. Congress and the statements by Javier Solana of the European Union warning that aid to the Palestinian Authority would be

Mahfouz: I wasn’t surprised with the MB showing in the elections

A defective democracySalmawi: A foreign critic wrote that you predicted over half a century ago that the religious trend would emerge as the dominant force on the political arena. This

When democracy isn’t democratic

Not to curdle the Christmas pudding or anything, but it’s hard to see how Uncle Sam comes out a winner in any of the elections that have just taken place