White House condemns conviction of Egyptian politician

The U.S. government said Saturday that it was ’deeply troubled’ at the conviction of Egyptian politician Ayman Nour, the main opposition contender in September’s presidential elections.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Leader is Banned from Hajj

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Leader, Muhammad Akef, stated that the Egyptian authority prevented him from traveling Saudi Arabia to perform the Islamic rite of Hajj, although his travel accreditation is authorized.

The NDP Seizes the Parliamentary Committees

The Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc protested the dominance of the National Democratic Party over all parliamentary committees with exception of the Health Committee. The bloc considered the NDP mobilization for

2005 Review: Egypt\’s \’democracy pageant\’ ends in clouds of tear gas

The clouds of tear gas blurring the vision of would- be voters on the final day of voting in Egypt\’s parliamentary elections also obscured the progress towards concrete reform at

Ending the Silent War in Egypt

While much attention has been paid to the violent attacks and intimidation directed at the opposition during Egypt’s recent parliamentary elections, the involvement of the country’s security forces in political

Conditioned Democracy

EU is threatening to stop financial help PANO to Hamas even through ballot-boxes EU foreign relations and security chief, Javier Solana, declared in no where else than Tel Aviv, that if

It’s the Societies, Stupid

If it weren’t for the same scene presented by countries that have not experienced Israeli occupation, one would blame the occupation and its harshness for what is taking place with

El-Shaer is the Deputy of Health Parliamentary Committee

On today’s vote to elect members of the parliamentary committees, the Muslim Brotherhood’s representative, Akram el-Shaer, was chosen as the deputy of the Health committee. In fact, this election was

Brotherhood: ’myth does not mean denial’

The leader of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood has said that when he called the Holocaust a myth this week, he did not mean to say it never happened but wanted to

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Says No Holocaust Denial

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood has refuted media reports of denying the World War II Holocaust as a myth.