The Verdict on Libyan Brotherhood is on Monday

Gomah Ataka, the coordinator of defense committee for the accused Islamists, said the Libyan extraordinary tribunal makes its ruling on 85 of political detainees of the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood, on

Samy Abu Zahry Calls on the West to Stop Blackmail

Samy Abu Zahry, the spokesman of the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, called on Europeans and Americans to press their governments for respecting the will of the Palestinians who elected their

Brotherhood Calls on Muslims to Boycott Danish and Norwegian Products

In response to the offensive caricatures ran by the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, Mr. Mohamed Akef, the Leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, issued the following statment: "In the Name of Allah

Brotherhood’s MPs Succeed to Block an Agreement with Denmark

On Sunday, the Muslim Brotherhood’s MPs lobbied the parliament Committee of Economics not to endorse an agreement with the Danish government as consequence to its inadequate reaction to the offensive

Statement of the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood

The Jordanian government referred Gameel Abu Bakr, the Sectary General of the Islamic Work Front Party, to the court of the State Security on charges of publishing some materials, affiliated

Hamas Will Make a Deal

If Israel withdraws from the territories it occupied in 1967, the movement will end armed resistance A so-called expert was asked on the BBC’s Arabic service last week what he

The Government Borrowing Policy is Under Fire

The Muslim Brotherhood’s MPs severely lashed out at the government policy of foreign borrowing that engulfed Egypt into debts.  In a parliamentary session dedicated to discuss some relative treaties, the