Brotherhood Condemns Police Brutality Against Cartoon Protestors

n response to the ongoing protests erupting in some Islamic countries and the unjustified police brutality used to deal with these mostly peacful protests, the Muslim Brotherhood has issued the

Syrian Brotherhood: Opposition Receives No Foreign Funds

The Syrian Muslim Brotherhood’s Leader Ali Sadder el-Dean el-Beanony said his group is not interested in the US intention to funnel $ 5-million aid to fund the activities of the

Libyan Muslim Brotherhood, A Statement on Benghazi Mayhem

We regretfully received the news of the death of eighteen citizens during Friday’s peaceful protest against defamatory and provocative statements of the Italian minister about Prophet Muhammad, Peace be upon

Brotherhood Fears New Security Oppression

Sources of the Muslim Brotherhood expected the regime to step up security oppression against the group, on the wake of its opposition of the decision to postpone municipal elections and

The Abu Gharib Files

Never-published photos, and an internal Army report, show more Iraqi prisoner abuse -- evidence the government is fighting to hide. Salon has obtained files and other electronic documents from an

Jimmy Carter, Don’t Punish the Palestinians

As the results of the recent Palestinian elections are implemented, it’s important to understand how the transition process works and also how important to it are actions by Israel and