Libya frees political prisoners

Libya has released 130   political prisoners, including 85 members of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, from a Tripoli prison, reports say.         The Brotherhood detainees were freed under an amnesty from  

Brotherhood’s MP Proposes Bill Incriminates Insulting Prophets, Religions

Brotherhood’s MP Proposes Bill Incriminates Insulting Prophets, ReligionsOn its coming session, the parliament will consider a motion proposed by the Muslim Brotherhood’s MP Akram el-Share to add a new article

Israel Detains Two Hamas MPs

Continuing its aggravating campaign against the Islamic Movement Hamas and the Palestinians, the Israeli forces arrested two of Hamas MPs, Muhammad Abu Der and Muhammad Totah while paying a visit

Brotherhood’s MPs Campaign for Judiciary Independence

The Muslim Brotherhood’s MPs introduced two memos to the Parliament Chairman Fathy Soror. The first proposes to hold hearing sessions before the discussion of the judiciary power bill while the

Brotherhood’s Statement on Call for Protesting Stand

In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Gracious "Say if you love Allah then follow me so Allah Loves you". (3, 31) Praise be to Allah, peace

Bush’s Self-Evident Certitude

The case for democracy is "self-evident," as someone once put it. The case for the world’s most powerful democracy to take as its mission the spreading of democracy around the

Libya: Government Should Lift Restrictive Laws

The Libyan government’s pardoning today of 132 political prisoners is a hopeful sign of reform, Human Rights Watch said. Most of them had spent more than seven years in detention,

The West And Moderate Islamism

It has become common to suggest that the West should reach out to nonviolent Islamist political movements in the Arab world and integrate them in its democracy promotion efforts.

Hamas Delegation Heads to Russia as Part of International Tour

A delegation of the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, will head to Russia Friday. Khaled Meshal, Hamas Political Bureau Chief, Mussa Abu Marzoq, Muhammad Nazal, Ezat el-Rashq, Samy Khater, and Said Siam are expected

Over 200 Palestinian children arrested in two months

Israeli occupation forces are arresting scores of Palestinian children each week, bringing the number of juveniles currently held in appalling conditions in Israeli detention centres and prisons to new record