Has the Saudi Kingdom Reformed?

On February 14, 1945, President Franklin D. Roosevelt met with King Abdulaziz bin Abdulrahman al-Saud on board the USS Quincy, anchored in the Great Bitter Lake along the Suez Canal

The Day of Judges

Massive demonstrations erupted in downtown Cairo led by the Muslim Brotherhood parliament members in solidarity with the judges during their general assembly session on Thursday April 26, and to protest

MB Condemns Police Assaults on Its Parliament Members

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) parliamentary bloc issued a statement today condemning assaults by police on its parliament members during demonstrations yesterday in Cairo. Dr. Mohamed Al Katatni, head of the

The Emergence of a “Coptic Question” in Egypt

In the early morning of April 14, 2006, Mahmoud Salah al-Din Abd al-Raziq, a Muslim, entered the church of Mar Girgis (Saint George) in Alexandria’s al-Hadra district and stabbed three

Egyptian judges face disciplinary panel

Riot police wielding batons chased away protesters from Egypt’s supreme court yesterday as two judges who favor reform faced a disciplinary hearing for alleging fraud in last year’s parliamentary elections.

Egypt: Al-Jazeera Bureau Chief, Three Print Journalists Held

Authorities free Al-Jazeera’s Cairo bureau chief Reporters Without Borders noted today that Al-Jazeera’s Cairo bureau chief, Hussein Abdel Ghani, was released late yesterday on bail after being arrested in the southern

One State Solution: A greater Palestine?

Perhaps "Palestine" should be declared to include Israel, the West Bank, Gaza and JordanA Palestinian state of the West Bank and Gaza is no longer on the cards, irrespective of

United States of Israel?

When two of America’s most distinguished academics dared to suggest that US foreign policy was being driven by a powerful ’Israel Lobby’ whose influence was incompatible with their nation’s own

Program Kurdistan Islamic Union

The first section: Name and Definition1. Name: Kurdistan Islamic Union (Yakgrtui Islami Kurdistan) 2. Definition: An Islamic reformative political party that strives to solve all political, social, economical and cultural

Experts: Split among radical Islamists widens

 When a new wave of terrorists blew themselves up in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula this week, the radical Palestinian Muslim group Hamas quickly joined Arab governments and Western leaders in condemning