Mubarak’s Son Met Secretly With Bush and Cheney

The son of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, who is widely seen as his father’s heir-apparent, met secretly last week with top White House officials, including Vice President Dick Cheney, Al-Jazeera

Gov’t Prevents Citizens & Media From Attending Judges’ Trial

In a step designed to cover up the unacceptable oppressive practices of the Egyptian regime and which reveals the refusal of the regime to unleash the freedom of _expression and

Kuwaiti reformists dig in their heels over electoral changes

Kuwait plunged into a political crisis Tuesday as opposition lawmakers appeared headed to quiz the prime minister following a controversial vote in parliament on an electoral reform bill.

Rule of Law Itself Set To Go on Trial In Court in Cairo

Nothing less than the rule of law itself will be on trial here tomorrow as two judges who refused to certify flawed elections last fall will face losing their judgeships

Judge Hisham Bastawisi Suffers Major Heart Attack

One of the judges at the center of a conflict between the Egyptian judiciary and the government had a heart attack on Wednesday, throwing into doubt the future of disciplinary

Bastawisi’s Statements to Ikhwanweb Hours Before He Suffered Heart Attack

Judge Hisham Bastawisi gave an exclusive interview about his ordeal with the government and few hours later, we learned of the sad news of the Heart attack he suffered. We