Libyan MB Skeptical of US Decision to Restore Ties With Libya

The Libyan Muslim Brotherhood refuses foreign intervention even under the umbrella of reform and human rights. It is time to deal with internal reform demands with the same interest and

Judges’ Uprising Marks a Knell for Injustice

Democracy is a government of we the rulers, for we the rulers and of course by we the rulers (shush! who are you to ask by whom?). This is what

Tens Arrested in Alexandria, Muslim Brotherhood Vows No Retreat

In a similar scenario to the November’s parliamentary elections, police forces sealed off downtown Alexandria and prevented voters from casting their ballots in the local Chamber of Commerce elections in which

Democracy Denied

The American and European support for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ ultimatum/threat to the governing Hamas party -- calling a "national referendum" -- is destructive of Palestinian democracy and Palestinian-Israeli relations