Bush Administeration in the zionist aggression against Lebanon

The New Yorker Article (the original article) is very long, the Raw Story summary of the article is very good in highlighting the involvement of the Bush Administeration in the

Interview With Deputy Chairman of Al-Islah Movement in Somalia

Somalia is considered one of the hottest trouble spots in the world. Since 1991, there have been continuous battles which led to many humanitarian problems. In addition, the quick and

Cheney Unleashes the Dogs of War

Vice President Dick Cheney has ignited a new Middle East war that threatens to spread from Israel and Lebanon, to Syria and Iran. As EIR recently exposed, (EIR June 30,

Welcome to Neo-Fascism 101

Neo-conservatives decided that World War III is to be waged against “Islamic-Fascists” or “Islamo-Fascism.”  Who is reading from the new script?&nb

Summary Of MB Performance In Egyptian Parliament Since 2005

88 MB candidates, who were running for the parliamentary elections in November– December 2005, won- by virtue of Allah- after three violent electoral terms (6 rounds). This election wi

Neo-conservatives want Olmert to attack Syria

According to the American Christian Science Monitor newspaper, the Israeli occupation government had turned down tremendous pressures from the neo-conservatives in the American administration to expand its current aggression on

The Israeli War and American Media

"While it is politically incorrect to say that all Muslims are terrorists, it is true that nearly all terrorists are Muslim", Mr. Danny GillermanThe UNnatural SelectionGiven the worlwilde extent of

Israelis turn on Olmert as UN agrees ceasefire

After basking in high approval ratings while the war was being pursued, the Prime Minister faces demands to stand down after failing to deliver total victory. Inigo Gilmore reports from

Israel’s Wounded Describe Surprisingly Fierce, Well-Organized and Elusive Enemy

For an Israeli tank gunner, Sgt. Or Bar-On, the war in Lebanon lasted all of 90 minutes. The wounds will last a lifetime. Sergeant Bar-On’s Merkava tank was sent about

Hizballah: A Primer

Hizballah, the Lebanese Shi‘i movement whose militia is fighting the Israeli army in south Lebanon, has been cast misleadingly in much media coverage of the ongoing war. Much more than