MB proposes celebrating Isra’ and Miraj as a day for the Aqsa Mosque

The influential Egypt-based Muslim Brotherhood (MB) Saturday urged the entire Muslim Ummah to consider the anniversary of the Isra’ and Miraj as an international day for supporting the Aqsa Mosque.

IOF troops kidnap PLC secretary

Israeli occupation forces have, on Sunday afternoon, abducted the secretary of the Palestinian Legislative Council, Dr. Mahmoud Al-Ramahi from his home in al-Beireh east of Ramallah. Dr. Ramahi managed to

Egypt: Conference Calls For Effective Plan To Free Aqsa

The Sharia Committee affiliated to the  Egyptian Lawyers’ Union on Saturday August 19,2006, organized a rally under the slogan ( Day for Aqsa ). The rally was attended by MB

“Honor First”; the liberation of Lebanon

“To confront this accursed plan, to thwart the goals of this war, to fight the battle to liberate, what remains of our land and our prisoners, I state categorically under