MB Demands Immediate Release of Foreign Journalists Held In Gaza

Deputy Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood issued a strong statement condemning the kidnaping of journalists and media personnel and demanded the immediate release of the Abducted Fox news American journalist

MB Worker Leadership: We Are To Stand For Trade Union Election

The Trade Unions elections are the most complicated and vague ones, concocted in a way that it makes it a monopoly of the ruling National Party to the exclusive of

Syria: Bayanoni Reelected MB Chairman with Majority

Ikhwanweb has learned that the newly appointed Syrian Muslim Brotherhood Shura Bureau on August 24, 2006 reelected Lawyer Ali Sadruddin el Bayanoni to lead the group for a third four-

Habib Calls For Removal Of Jordanian MB From Russian Terrorist List

In an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb, MB First Deputy Chairman Dr. Mohamed Habib commented on the recent Russian decision enrolling the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood on its terrorist list by saying

Dear “Terrorist” Child

Imprisoned in the Vortex of the Pax AmericanaGrowing up, young child, as you surely are, affected in some way, shape or form by the tentacles of America’s malevolent imperialism in

Who is the Fascist Here?

Recent public references to "Islamic fascists," a term used by George W. Bush and repeated often in the print media, suggest that the President and many writers have an inaccurate

The Egyptian Film

It has been years since an Egyptian film aroused as wide-ranging public interest as "The Yacoubian Building". In this interview, screenwriter Wahid Hamed talks about the legal proceedings threatening the

Blogs on the Middle East Crisis, When More Than Just Weapons Speak

The internet knows no borders – this is illustrated nowhere better than in discussions among Lebanese and Israeli bloggers about the war in Lebanon. Ingmar Kreisl reports 

Kidnapped PA deputy PM refused to attend Israeli court

Kidnapped PA deputy Prime Minister, Dr. Naseruddin al-Shaer, refused to attend the Ofer military court Thursday because he told his lawyer he does not recognise the legality of the Zionist

Israel’s Racist “Jihad” Against the Arab & Muslim People

As the world has witnessed in Lebanon and Palestine, Hizbullah and Hamas have a long way to go to rival the ferocity and utter ruthlessness of the Israeli military. Their