Pro-Israeli Editors Seek To Influence Al-Jazeera English Channel

Khalid Amayreh uncovers some of the hidden policies at Al Jazeera English website which, if proven true, will be a major disappointment for millions of Arabs and Muslims throughout the

Al Katatny: Muslim Brotherhood Practices Genuine Democracy

In his interview with Minia Online following the recent elections to choose new leadership for the MB Parliamentary Bloc which took place yesterday, Dr. Saad Al Katatny, Bloc’s president’s elect, stressed that

IPA imposes blackout on transfer of Dr. Duwaik to Megiddo

The Israeli prisons authority (IPA) has imposed a blackout on the transfer of kidnapped PLC speaker Dr. Aziz Duwaik from Kfar Yona jail to the Megiddo prison, according to legal

Muhammad’s sword, Pope Benedict XVI in the service of George W. Bush

Muhammad’s sword is a very interesting rebute of the Bavarian’s speech, coming from Jewish atheist. When Aba Iban, the Israeli politician, wrote his book "Jews and Civilization", he decribed the 8