Egypt: MB Statement Lashes Out At Prophet Offending Show

While the Muslim world’s anger hasn’t yet abated against the background of the Pope of Vatican’s offensive statements against Islam and its prophet, Certain sectors in Western media once again

Haniya: We will never recognize the Israeli occupation

In a landmark speech on Friday, 6 October, Palestinian Prime Minister Ismael Haniya vowed to remain steadfast in the face of combined American-Israeli pressure and blackmail, saying the Palestinian government

Bleak Ramadan in Palestine

Normally, the holy month of Ramadan is a festive season of heightened spirituality and good will. It is also an occasion where family members share the usually exquisite Iftar meals

Poll: 90.4% of participants say Hamas should not recognize Israel

 A huge majority of participants in a poll conducted by the Palestinian Information Center (Arabic) said that Hamas should not recognize Israel as a price for forming a national unity