Breaking the Silence

The cat is out of the bag, the paper of John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt, on the Israeli Lobby in the USA , has certainly opened the door to the

State of Denial

Kemal Helbawy is a founding member of the Muslim Association of Britain and a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Egyptian-based Islamist movement with chapters throughout the Islamic world, including

British MP George Galloway Interviews Israeli Historian Ilan Pappe

In his new book “The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine ,” Ilan Pappe investigates the fate suffered by the indigenous population of 1940s Palestine at the hands of the Zionist political

Interview with the Sudanese president, Omar Hassan al-Bashir

Q: Can you confirm recent reports that Sudan has rejected an Arab League suggestion for Arab and Muslim countries from outside Africa to send peacekeepers to help the African Union

Under Egypt’s Volcano

The commercials are slick and alluring, holding out the promise of a pampered, hedonistic holiday in the sun: beautiful young couples lounging poolside, swimmers frolicking with dolphins and colorful fish,

Egypt: MB To Hold Press Conference On Labor Unions Elections

 The Muslim Brotherhood on October 28, 2006, will hold a press conference at the Lawyers’ Syndicate to voice their position toward the Labor Union election slated for the first week

Egypt: Gov’t To Create New Body To Replace Judges’ Club

In continuation of the mounting showdown between the Judges’ Club and the government, Minister of Justice Mamdouh Maree issued a decree allowing the setting up of offices in courts to

Another MB Figure Banned From Travelling To Attend Economic Conference

A scientific conference titled ”Islamists and Democracy” is to be held in London November 2-5 under the auspices of Democratic Studies Center affiliated to Westminster University.

Hamad: Solana proves his bias by meeting Lieberman, avoiding PA government officials

Spokesman of the PA government Dr. Ghazi Hamad has accused Javier Solana, the coordinator of EU foreign policy, of displaying the EU bias against the Palestinian people by meeting "extremist"