Operation Comeback, How to Save the Neocons?

We neoconservatives have been through a startling few years. Who could have imagined six years ago that wild stories about our influence over U.S.

Gov’t Excludes All MB Candidates In Labor Unions Elections

In an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb, MP and general coordinator for Muslim Brotherhood in the Labor Unions election, Mr. Saber Abul Fotouh, said that the group was hoping to be able to

Between hammer of Tawreeth and Anvil of detentions

Many people weren’t optimistic towards some of the conflicting statements issued by the Muslim Brotherhood group leaders; most of the statements seemed to be adopting a radical approach towards the

6 Students Expelled In Order Not To Run For Student Body

Six students at the Faculty of Science, headed for the office of Students Affairs to apply for to draw their candidacy papers, but they were surprised to know that they

Helman: Iraq and Vietnam

In recent days, events in the Vietnem war have been cited and compared to what is happening in Iraq. Even the President referred to the Tet offensive to argue that

Hamas urges Britain to correct historic mistake against Palestinian people

In commemoration of the infamous "Balfour Declaration" that paved the way before the establishment of the Hebrew state on the usurped Palestinian lands in 1948, Hamas Movement urged the British


Anyone remotely familiar with the American political landscape knows that the Israeli lobby plays a very large role in shaping US foreign policy in the

Beit Hanun massacre , number of martyrs rise to 22

Toll of Palestinian fatalities has risen to 22 and more than 120 others were wounded (many critically) on Thursday as a result of the brutal IOF troops’ incursion into the northern

Speech notes for Abeer Al-Askary, International Press Freedom Award Winners

First of all I want to thank Canadian Journalists for Free __Expression for choosing me for this award which encourages me to continue what I began in Egypt. For the

Winners and Losers in the Post-9/11 Era

Joseph S. Nye is Distinguished Service Professor at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and author, most recently, of The Power Game: A Washington Novel. September 11, 2001, is one of those